About Us
About PT. Apollo Agung Chemical Ind.

PT. Apollo Agung Chemical Industry


PT. Apollo Agung  Chemical Industry  is a textile chemicals distributor in Indonesia. The company has been established since May 1980 and has network across the Java Island.

We have offices in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo and warehouses in Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung and Solo.


Our Vision

  • To become innovative and professional leader in trading and formulator and to grow together with our valuable suppliers and customers.


Our Mission

  • To be an active party of business society by providing equal opportunity for all stakeholders, customers, employees, and supplier to work together in harmony to achieve maximum return for everybody and our society.


Our Corporate Culture

  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Strive for competitive advantage.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Teamwork and professionalism.
  • Empowerment.


Our Competitive Advantage


  • Our offices and warehouses are in Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung (West Java), and Solo (Central Java).
  • Sales forces in major cities to covers over 500 customers.


  • We pay our suppliers cash to establish good relationships and give credit term to our customers to gain competitve advantages.

Human resources:

  • We invest in our employees by providing them countinues training.
  • With our knowldege and experiences, we gain competitive advantages.


  • Formulator manufacturing in Jakarta and Bogor.
  • Laboratory services to help our customers with their customised needs.


By 2018 our company has grown and become part of our group PT. Abhati Sie Sidarta